Should I Pay or Should I Grow?

Should I Pay or Should I Grow?

For so long, life as a cannabis enthusiast has been a game of “hide and seek”.¬†Hiding from authorities, prying eyes, disapproving friends and family. Including the random nosey granny {not necessarily yours} doing her bit for neighborhood watch.

All the while…

Seeking the sweet&spiced, stanky&dank. Large, dense buds coupled with exquisite aromas, and the perfect kind of high. It’s always exciting when there is some primo on the menu. The kind that you can smell before you can see. Most likely set you back a buck or two, but you know it’s going to be totally worth it!

Relying on your buddies or preferred supplier can go both ways. Stock, strains, quality, and prices change every so often. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It’s also still illegal to buy and sell in S.A. Not that it’s been a problem in the past, unless you got caught, eish!

Cultivation is legal, so it seems to make sense to grow your own perfect piece of the Canna pie.

After all, it is a “weed” and should overcome all odds and grow into some fine colas. Just pop it in and hey presto~ A 6ft male that, potentially pollinated every other female in the neighborhood.

At this point, you may want to tip your hat to all the growers who have provided you with a little piece of heaven. Every time you popped by for a purchased slice of their dense sweet homegrown Cannabis!

It’s way harder than it seems!

If you consider where it started the journey, many moons ago, cared for, nurtured and appreciated. All the way from seed to spliff. You kind of wants to tip the grower too.

Anyone can grow, but to do it well takes a 100% commitment. Don’t expect to get get it right the first time, probably not the second time around either.

Trial and error

A long and possibly bud free road. The practice is necessary to perfect anything and you can’t rush this, there are no short cuts, and there is always room for improvement. Fortunately, every problem you might encounter has been covered by someone on the internet. With a bit of research, you could probably figure out what would be best for your situation.

Basically, plants need air, light, and water to grow and lead a normal life. In order to provide us with the best they could be, we have to intervene and take note of as many elements as possible. Especially if you decide to go indoors. Creating the optimum conditions for an indoor grow can be expensive to set up and maintain. If this is your plan, remember half measures equal half pleasures. Don’t skimp on lighting.

There are so many different ways to go about it.

It really comes down to what you would like to get out of it. Depending on your location and your commitment, starting in a natural outdoor environment is less risky, with low maintenance and virtually no start-up costs. A well-balanced nourishing grow medium at the start will help optimize your end result.

Some people have green thumbs and others have to pay a little more attention. Being able to read the signs and symptoms is a finely tuned art form. A master grower is a real thing.

grow cannabis

It’s still worth the time to try out your other fingers. If you get it half right, you should still win. Some bud is better than none. Some of your own, better still.

Chances are, you will still be topping up your jar with your most reliable supplier’s strains for a good while to come.

In short, you are still going to have to pay, but you should definitely grow!

The S.A. outdoor season is ahead of us and its a good place to get the ball the rolling. The more the better! It is tremendously therapeutic, fun, legal, and remarkably satisfying to grow and use your own cannabis.

The appreciation escalates, every time.

Just ask next time you pick up some DanknStanky.

~ Seedly

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