Common Mistakes Cannabis Growers Make

Lack of light

Whether you are growing indoors or out, cannabis plants need light. One very common aspect growers tend to overlook with outdoor crops is choosing a bad location. Without realizing it they choose a spot where the plant doesn’t receive enough hours of direct sunlight.

In the case of an indoor crop, whether they are trying to save some bucks or simply not realizing it but don’t use enough light. For indoor growers, it’s important to not continually reuse the bulbs, by reusing the light bulbs too many times can cause a reduction in the amount of light reaching the plants. Also, remember to make sure that your reflectors are free of dust.

A lack of light will cause the nutrients to be used irregularly. The plants’ photosynthesis will slow down and become spindly. Ultimately resulting in a significant reduction of yield.

Lack of ventilation

When it comes to indoor growing, ventilation is crucial. Make sure that your space, big or small, has a good air intake and exhaust system. Make sure everything is working correctly. With the use of fans, you can ensure proper air circulation. The wind they create will also make your stalks grow harder and more resistant. However, try not to aim your fans directly on your plants continually.

Without enough ventilation, your plants won’t receive the necessary amount of CO2 to photosynthesize. Your growth rate will slow down and the risk of a fungus developing and spreading will increase dramatically.


Humidity is a key factor to take into account when growing cannabis. If you live in a dry hot area be sure to check that your humidity levels aren’t too low. This will cause your plants to stress as they will be forced to use too much water and ultimately suffocate. However, should your humidity in your cannabis grow room be too high, you will increase the chances of a fungus infestation in your crop.

The ideal humidity for cannabis grow-ops should range between 50% and 60% during the growth phase and between 40% and 50% during the flowering stage. Try to prevent your grow rooms humidity levels to vary from these parameters.

Cannabis GrowersTemperature

Temperature is a vitally important factor to remember when growing cannabis. If the temperature of your grow-room is either too high or too low, can cause serious problems. Hindering the correct metabolic process, your cannabis plants development will suffer. If the temperature is too low, the plants will stunt and slow down its growth. If it’s too high, your crop may wilt and sweat creating a good environment for fall pests and diseases.

The ideal temperature is between 21 and 27 ºC.


This is certainly a very important factor you don’t want to get wrong. Your irrigation plan will depend on multiple factors. Factors such as humidity and temperature as well as the type of genetics. There are some strains that require more than water than others, be sure to check this out and also always keep an eye on it.

In the event of excessive irrigation: your roots will block up, preventing the correct absorption of nutrients. This will bring on deficiencies, and your cannabis plants will become weak. Excess water will also increase your chances of root rot.

Should you have a lack of irrigation: other than your plant suffering from dehydration and ultimately causing your roots to dry out and die. If the irrigation is lacking your nutrients in the soil will not reach the plant’s rooting system adequately. This too will weaken your plants and nutritional deficiencies will appear. Your foliage will shrivel up and dry out.

Lamp Burns

Okay now, this should be an obvious one, yet there are still people making the mistake of hanging their lights too close to the plants. This will cause the foliage to burn. Think of it like sunburn, and how painful it can be…

If your foliage is burnt it will be more prone to disease and more susceptible to the attack of pests. When growing indoor cannabis make sure the lamp is the correct distance from the plant, and that the plant has sufficient room to grow in.

Cannabis GrowersConclusion

This just covers briefly some of the common mistake’s growers overlook when growing cannabis. Remember your cannabis plants need attention and consent monitoring. Pests, mold and other problems can course an entire crop to fail.

Above all, give your plant love! They will certainly return that love 10-fold.

~ Seedly


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