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Should I Pay or Should I Grow?

Should I Pay or Should I Grow? For so long, life as a cannabis enthusiast has been a game of “hide and seek”. Hiding from authorities, prying eyes, disapproving friends and family. Including the random nosey granny {not necessarily yours} doing her bit for neighborhood watch. All the while… Seeking the sweet&spiced, stanky&dank. Large, dense buds ... Read more

Cannabis Seeds 101

Cannabis seeds 101 So, the green train is running, and everyone wants to get on board. For new cannabis growers visiting an online seed bank can be quite an overwhelming experience. Terms such as Feminized, Regular and Auto-Flowering can make finding the right strain confusing. But not to worry, in this article, we’ll take a ... Read more
Top 7 Cannabis strains, every grower should try

Top 7 Cannabis strains, every grower should try

Top 7 Cannabis strains, every grower should try   Cannabis has come a long way; genetics have developed in all forms. In a world where there is a superfluous strain library, very few turn out to be life-changing.   In this article, we highlight Dinafems’ top 7 strains every grower should try at least once, ... Read more
Choosing Between Auto-flowering, and Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Choosing Between Auto-flowering, and Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Auto-Flowering Vs. Feminized Cannabis Seeds Okay, so this has been a hot topic of late. There has been much said and many debates. Ultimately, what we growers and smokers alike value most are female cannabis plants and their unpollinated resin buds. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids that guarantee to be female are referred to as feminized. While ... Read more
Cannabis Companion Planting

Cannabis Companion Planting

Companion plants. You might have heard of it; some plants are just made for each other. Take basil and tomatoes for example. Not only do pairings like tomato and basil taste better together, but when planted together, the basil will also help protect the tomatoes from insects. Using companion plants can have some major advantages. ... Read more
Super Soil Mix

Super Soil Mix to Grow Superior Cannabis Plants at Home

Okay, so by now you’ve grown a few cannabis plants. You’ve tried a few different pre-mixed soils or just don’t have the time for feeding schedules and so on. There are lots of hidden grow tips and in-depth advice that just never really comes to the surface. Like anything in life – you get what ... Read more
Cannabis Growers

Common Mistakes Cannabis Growers Make

Lack of light Whether you are growing indoors or out, cannabis plants need light. One very common aspect growers tend to overlook with outdoor crops is choosing a bad location. Without realizing it they choose a spot where the plant doesn’t receive enough hours of direct sunlight. In the case of an indoor crop, whether ... Read more
cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation: An Introduction to Growing Marijuana

Cannabis Cultivation Cannabis Cultivation can be divided into both male and female plants. In order for cannabis plants to reproduce, male plants produce pollen that is needed by female plants to produce seeds. In grow operations, male plants are generally discarded before producing pollen or are avoided completely by using feminized seeds. This is because ... Read more
Building a Cannabis Greenhouse

Building a Cannabis Greenhouse

Building a Cannabis Greenhouse If you are cultivating cannabis, it may be time to explore whether you have space for a greenhouse. Building a Cannabis Greenhouse can be a discreet, cost-effective way of growing great plants. This post will guide you through the process of preparing to build your own greenhouse. Cultivating cannabis is very ... Read more

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