Cannabis Seeds 101

Cannabis seeds 101

So, the green train is running, and everyone wants to get on board. For new cannabis growers visiting an online seed bank can be quite an overwhelming experience. Terms such as Feminized, Regular and Auto-Flowering can make finding the right strain confusing.

But not to worry, in this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between “feminized” and “regular” seeds and help guide you as to what is right for you.

Male? Female? The ultimate battle:

Right, first let’s cover the basics. The cannabis plant can be two different sexes – male or female. Females are the girls we want; they produce the rosiness buds that we all want to consume. Whilst the males are only really used for breeding. They produce the pollen needed to breed, not to be confused with “pollen” hash. Just looking at the seeds one won’t be able to determine the sex. A “regular” seed has more or less a 50% chance of being a male or female plant.

When a female cannabis plant comes into contact with this pollen, the plant will shift its energy to creating seeds rather than fat juicy budding flowers. For those growing cannabis to be consumed you will need to keep your garden, and enclosed area, male plant, and pollen-free.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

So now you’re probably wondering why anyone would be interested in regular seeds. In a world where breeders have created feminized strains and seeds are easy to come by, where is the need for regular seeds?

If you germinate 20 regular seeds you may get 10 male and 10 female plants. Each will have their own characteristics. Some will display more sativa characteristics such as being taller with longer and lighter-colored leaves. Whilst the others may display more Indica dominant characteristics like being shorter, bushier plants with darker, broader leaves.

An experienced grower will then choose which ones he or she will want to keep. These will then be grown out during vegetative and used as “mother-plants” for cloning. As you can imagine this process takes lots of time – many months, if not years.


Should you wish to breed your own cannabis strains you will need to separate the male plants and take samples of the resulting pollen. Then mix this pollen with clones of your female plants to see what the results will be.

Regular seeds are more fascinating to people who are experienced with cannabis growing and wish to move to the next level. Breeding requires advanced growing techniques and a sophisticated setup. When used correctly, regular seeds can make great source material for wannabe breeders. However, this process is long and quite complicated, Think of all the different sectors needed for all the mother plants and growing out male and female plants separately.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that have been breed in various ways to ensure that the seeds will be female. No more stressing about spotting the first signs of the male sex. No more monitoring your plants for signs of males. Guaranteed females. You most likely want to grow out 100% of your seeds.

If you are a new grower and going to grow out all of your seeds into flowering buds. To consume the product or at a push want to choose a mother plant to take clones from – then feminized seeds are the best choice to you started.

Also, check out the feminized auto-flowering seeds as well. These are about the easiest type of cannabis plants you can grow. We will discuss in further detail the difference between feminized and auto-flowering in another blog.

Final Thoughts

For those just wanting to grow their own and consume the rosiness buds then feminized seeds are the way to go. 99% of the seeds you germinate will give you female plants and you will have one less thing to worry about in your cannabis garden.

However, if cannabis growing sparks your interest and you want to take your growing to the next level then you may want to consider investing in some regular seeds. They are more expensive and harder to get hold of than feminized seeds but essential if you want to become a professional breeder

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